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1479V Professional Digital Mini Scale


Introducing the 1479V: The Gold Standard in Pocket Scales

The 1479V sets the benchmark for pocket scales, trusted by millions worldwide for over a decade. Renowned for its unparalleled accuracy and durability, this scale delivers exceptional performance in every use.

Key Features:

Electrostatic Capacitance Load Cell: Experience feather-touch sensitivity and superb performance, thanks to the advanced electrostatic capacitance load cell technology.

Trusted Reliability: With a track record of over 10 years and millions of satisfied users, the 1479V is the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Precise Measurement: Enjoy accurate readings with a tare function and clear 4-digit LCD display, providing precision up to 0.1 gram with a capacity of up to 120 grams.

Complete Set: Includes a soft case for added protection and convenience, ensuring your scale stays safe and secure wherever you go.

Experience the unmatched reliability and precision of the 1479V, the gold standard in pocket scales. Elevate your weighing experience with this trusted and durable solution.